Smoother API than java.lang.reflect and various InvocationHandlers

  • A cleaner API io.earcam.instrumental.proxy.Proxies over java.lang.reflect.Proxy
  • A couple of java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler implementations:
    • AOP advice like; around invocation
    • NOOP; provides safe default return values and noopthing else.
    • Easy stub; any matching methods on a PartialInvocationHandler instance will be invoked, otherwise the delegate instance is called (can combine with the NOOP handler)

Please note; PartialInvocationHandler contains some disgusting code for handling interface default methods and also suffers from inner/anon class issues - so don’t try extending this as an anonymous class..

To proxy abstract and concrete classes, see instrumental.proxy.concrete.

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Given an interface with default methods:

public interface WithDefaultMethod {

	default int returnOne()
		return 1;

	default int returnTwo()
		return returnOne() + returnOne();

Selectively override (without inheritance, override by method signature matching):

	WithDefaultMethod noop = Proxies.proxy(NOOP_INVOCATION_HANDLER, WithDefaultMethod.class);

	PartialInvocationHandler<WithDefaultMethod> handler;
	handler = new PartialInvocationHandler<WithDefaultMethod>(noop) {
		public int returnTwo()
			return -2;

And invoke:

	WithDefaultMethod proxy = Proxies.proxy(handler, WithDefaultMethod.class);

	assertThat(proxy.returnOne(), is(1));
	assertThat(proxy.returnTwo(), is(-2));

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Version: 0.1.0. Last Published: 2018-10-08.

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