Module List

Module Description Examples
io.earcam.instrumental.reflect Gentle reflection of types, names and resources
io.earcam.instrumental.compile Compile from memory/filesystem to memory/filesystem, easily
io.earcam.instrumental.compile.glue Glues instrumental.compile to instrumental.archive, compile to JAR entirely in-memory
io.earcam.instrumental.lade Not just the usual fudge of ClassLoader.defineClass() - loads in-memory JARs returning valid resource URLs
io.earcam.instrumental.lade.jpms Create and run dynamic JPMS module layers from an in-memory classloader
io.earcam.instrumental.fluent Annotation to demarcate fluent API methods
io.earcam.instrumental.fluency Annotation processor of fluently annotated methods, generating APIs with fluency
io.earcam.instrumental.module.manifest Abstraction of java.util.jar.Manifest, extended variously Bytecode parsing sufficient to enable auto-importing for programmatic modules
io.earcam.instrumental.module.jpms JPMS module tooling; read/write bytecode/sourcecode
io.earcam.instrumental.module.osgi OSGi module tooling; read/write bundle manifests
io.earcam.instrumental.archive Create/read archives in-memory/on-disk, supports Multi-Release JARs
io.earcam.instrumental.archive.jpms Archive extension for JPMS modules
io.earcam.instrumental.archive.osgi Archive extension for OSGi bundles
io.earcam.instrumental.archive.sign Archive extension for digital signing
io.earcam.instrumental.archive.glue Glues instrumental.archive to to instrumental.compile, enabling in-memory archives as dependencies
io.earcam.instrumental.archive.maven Install/Resolve archives to/from Maven repositories
io.earcam.instrumental.proxy Smoother API than java.lang.reflect and various InvocationHandlers
io.earcam.instrumental.proxy.concrete Proxy classes using standard java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler
io.earcam.instrumental.agent Dynamically load a Java Agent or acquire java.lang.instrument.Instrumentation via SPI
io.earcam.instrumental.agent.junit Use Java Agents in JUnit tests (4.12 and 5.3.0-M1) without any external configuration
io.earcam.instrumental.agent.defy Java Agent to remove final modifiers from classes, methods and fields

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Version: 0.1.0. Last Published: 2018-10-08.

Earcam Maven Skin.